Once your loved one has received a cancer diagnosis families and caregivers quickly go into survival mode. One of the things that helps is being able to get your hands on strategies and materials that will help ease the transition to this new scary world.

Recommended Products

When going through the cancer journey you’ll take any tip or trick that will help make the process of caring for your child easier. These products are all endorsed by cancer parents for cancer parents.



If your child has a hickman line or broviac then it is likely one of your biggest worries is keeping the line safe, clean, and not in danger of being tugged or pulled out. The CareAline product is a easy to use, comfortable, and provides line security as it protects the central line by keeping it neatly tucked and secured. Bonus – the line can even be used while your child wears it.

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Gabe's Chemo Duck

Once your child receives a cancer diagnosis they will learn to become accustomed to many medical procedures from vitals numerous times a day, to blood draws, and OR procedures. Gabe’s Chemo Duck is a great buddy to keep close – he comes custom made with the type of central line your child has, and is always willing to go first.

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Reeve's Tees

Sometimes you find strength and motivation in a tshirt! Reeve’s Tees is an organization that promotes acceptance of individuals with chromosomal differences. Because children with Down syndrome are more likely to develop some forms of cancer, such a leukemia, they wanted to make a special shirt to help raise awareness and provide encouragement and support to our brave little heroes.  Click here to receive a free Cancer Awareness Month shirt.

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Care + Wear

Accessing a port can cause anxiety for a child until they are accustomed to the process and routine. Having a shirt that allows for easy access is helpful not only for nurses and doctors but also can help ease stress and tension for the child and parent. Care + Wear designs products that are not only stylish and comfortable but also are functional and help ease patient care.

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"I never thought I'd receive a package from the Down Syndrome and Cancer Coalition. I never wanted to be a part of this group, I don't think any of us do. But with that said I am SO grateful that it exists. We're not on this journey alone. We're surrounded by warrior mommas who lift us up and we fight this together. I find so much comfort in that. We're linked once again by a diagnosis we didn't expect and the bond is strong."

- Angela King