Stronger Together

Here at the Down Syndrome & Cancer Coalition we think no one should have to fight alone and we are here to help.

Why we exist.

We understand the unique challenges that navigating a cancer diagnosis can present when you are caring for an individual with Down syndrome. Because individuals with Down syndrome have an increased risk of developing leukemia, our goal is to ensure that caregivers have a place they can rely on for support.


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"DSCC has helped me tremendously. In the midst of my daughter getting a diagnosis of leukemia, I had at my fingertips a group of moms who understood my situation because they had been there before. They knew what it felt like. They knew the lingo. They knew how our situation was different than others might be due to my daughter having Down syndrome. They welcomed me, they encouraged me, and they knew what things I would be dealing with before I even knew. The most helpful thing of all was that they just truly understood what we were all going through, without me having to explain everything, and they were there for me."

- Ally Trujillo